Our Lower Elementary Program serves 1st – 3 rd grade students. This classroom builds upon the foundation laid in our Pre-Primary Program. Students explore concrete Montessori materials while moving to abstraction. Children in this classroom have a deep moral sense and learn how to be a part of a community. Lessons are given in language, math, technology, cultural studies, and science. Children go out into the community to explore the natural environment.

Our lower elementary students develop strong relationships with their peers and take responsibility for their actions. They take total responsibility for their school environment. Lower elementary students also enjoy participating in music, art, physical education, Spanish lessons, and a variety of field trips. Utilizing our Mobile Chromebook Computer Lab, technology and typing lessons begin in first grade and continue throughout the remainder of our Elementary Program. In order to promote development of personal responsibility, emphasize is given to providing freedom within structure. Students choose their works while using individualized daily lesson plans. This dynamic classroom is led by our Founder and Director, Mary Schadler.