Parent Observation

One or both parents are invited to visit Cornerstone Montessori School for a tour and observation. This is an adult only visit and usually lasts about one hour. During this visit, you will receive a private tour of our facility, observe our classrooms, and speak with one or more of our lead teachers. At this time, our Office Manager will answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we hold Open House events annually in November and January.

Application & Application Fee

When you decide to enroll your child, an application must be completed and returned with a $50.00 non-refundable, non-deductible application fee. An application on file does not secure acceptance into a program. Acceptance is based on availability and a successful child interview resulting in mutual agreement that our school is a good fit for your student. Enrollment considerations are given to maintaining a balance of the three age levels of boys and girls within each classroom, with priority for a grade slot is given on the following:

  1. Returning Students
  2. Siblings of Current Students
  3. Children of Employees and Board Members
  4. Siblings of Alumni
  5. Date the Application for Enrollment was Received

For current students, priority enrollment for the next school year begins in early February. Contracts will be sent out to returning families at that time. Parents must return the signed tuition contract within two weeks to hold their child’s space. After priority enrollment, the applications are processed from those on file, according to the date they were received by the school’s office. Open enrollment begins March 1st. Remaining spaces will be filled based upon the criteria listed above. Cornerstone admits student of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Child Visits

Upon completing your application a classroom visit day is scheduled. The visit usually lasts between 30 minutes and 4 hours (depending on age of child). It is a time when a teacher will work one-on-one with your child, show them around the classroom, invite them to choose or help them choose some activities, and observe your child within our environment. During this visit we observe your child’s level of development and their comfort level within our environment. We also look at readiness and interest in the classroom work and activities at their appropriate level to assess whether our program, staff, and environment can meet the needs of your child and would be developmentally appropriate for him or her.

Acceptance and Tuition Contract

A letter is sent indicating acceptance of enrollment into Cornerstone Montessori School. At that time an enrollment contract and tuition contracts are sent to parents of the child enrolled indicating the tuition schedule and dates due. The completed contracts and indicated deposit are to be returned within 30 days in order to confirm and hold your child’s place within Cornerstone Montessori School. The admissions coordinator will be happy to assist you through the enrollment process and welcomes your questions.